Out of the cocoon and flying again

I've been running every day, with the exception of the two days after Mimi went Home. I just couldn't get out of the house for awhile.
Today we ran outside. The weather was great and Isabelle kept up the whole time!! That little girl may end up running the Dogwood 5K with me. :-)
Mom is blogging about our runs at her site, The Healing Run.
Just posting these for my own record-keeping. I haven't "advertised" this site, and don't know if anyone has found it. Regardless, it's good for me to keep track and watch the progress. :-)


Running feels like flying

The running is going great! Not only do I have a personal coach and pacer, but I've been blessed with a membership to a gym now, too.
The soreness of the first few days is gone, and I've felt like I can just keep going.
Last night we decided to up the pace on the last laps, just for the heck of it. I was out of breath when we finished, but felt good.
Ahhh, feels like flying.
Okay, in case I haven't officially posted my goals, here they are:
I want to run a 5K before I turn 30 (so I have a few months) and I want to run a 10K before the end of the year. It's doable.
Then...maybe....someday.... I could aim for something like a half-marathon. Who knows? It's in my genes. Besides, it would be a great excuse to travel!!

I've gotten into a good time routine for all of this, too. Fred gets off at 4;30, we eat supper at 5pm, and then I run at 6pm. We watch a show together in the evening while I do crunches on the exercise ball (so it doesn't hurt my back.) I'm already feeling better physically and emotionally. You know, winter days are just hard for me. I need to get out and get moving to feel good.


Days off

Yesterday and today are my two days off for running. I'll still exercise tonight, but it won't be intense.


On the right path...

Just so you know (anyone who might read this...Mom?)... I did run 1.2 miles yesterday and again today. :-) Yeeeaaaaa me! Play along and pretend this is a great feat. :-D


the shoe still fits, even if the jeans don't

Well, we fell off the P90X wagon back in June. Then I got progressively out of shape, as we went through each holiday, and more and more yummy food. Add in cold weather (bbrrrrr...I despise being cold,) and I just wasn't getting out as much as I needed to. I'm quite certain, by the fit of my jeans, that I have gained at least 10-15 pounds since I quit the videos.
But we're moving forward. No use dwelling on the negatives of the past.
Today I started a running program with my coach/ mom (aka marathon woman.) She had me run a mile at the JBU track.
Baby steps to get back on board.
I've also been doing the Wii Just Dance game every day, which truly is aerobic.
I am a social exerciser, who needs accountability and clear goals. First goal is to run the Dogwood 5K. Not a huge thing, but it's doable! :-)


And now it's July

Have you guessed yet? We fell off the wagon in a big way. It was one thing and then another. I pulled that same muscle in my shoulder area (dang, my Kenpo intensity!), then Fred hurt his heel (work related,) and then I stepped on an upholstery tack. So, when we healed, we were out of the habit. Starting over isn't easy. Picking up where we left off now is impossible. We can't take 30-day pictures and measurements after ...um.... many weeks off! Plus those 4th of July cookouts and the neighbor's cookies didn't help me any. I don't think I've gained weight, but I certainly haven't lost any either. And, besides that, my P90X-growin' muscles have now turned back into vacation-food-flab.
We want to start back up. The desire is there, but the motivation may be a bit lackin'! I like to sew and craft in the evenings and Fred likes to... do nothing. He works so hard all day, and just crashes at home. Can't say I blame him!

So, wish us luck! If you start the program, let me know how it goes for you, and maybe my motivation will pick back up!


Today is...ahem...Day 25

5/21 was Day 20 Legs and Back and Ab Ripper

5/22 was Day 21... and now I don't remember what we did, because my schedule isn't in front of me. Sorry! ;-)

5/23 was Day 22 Rest. No workout. I totally fell off the wagon, and ate pizza for both lunch and dinner. Everything in moderation, right? Except that I did NOT eat in moderation. That's okay. I'll pick myself back up and just try again. :-)

5/24 was Day 23 We worked out, on schedule, but we didn't push ourselves like we usually do.

And here is where the going gets tough. (Or not tough.)
We got busy. I don't mean our "on-the-go, what's-next busy lifestyle"... I mean we were not home. Or only for a few minutes before heading out. It was a holiday weekend, plus Fred took an extra day off. So we rafted, hiked, partied, went to friends' homes, etc.
So, for THREE DAYS we did not work out.

Ack!! I won't call it a total fall-off-the-wagon failure, because we were extremely physically active during those three days. But still....

So, we talked and resolved not to let that happen again. We started back up tonight, for our Day 25. We did Ab Ripper and Legs and Back. And, seriously, I could tell that we hadn't worked out in a few days. The soreness is back in a big way. I couldn't even do quite as many sit-ups! Psychological? Perhaps. But that just makes me more resolute to get it back together!! :-)

Decide. COMMIT. Succeed. I believe!